——————– Old Story ——————–

Here’s a list of things unique to the odd little world of the story. It includes a some terms that won’t necessarily have been used in the story yet, but don’t worry! You don’t need to have read this glossary for the story to make sense.

ECA: Stands for Extended Capability Abuse. Any misuse of a super-human’s powers, either by the super-human themselves or others seeking to do wrong with their abilities is considered an ECA. Punishable with variable years in prison based on severity for the responsible party based on severity, an ECA helps the law adjudicate on unique cases in which it is not necessarily clear whether a crime has been committed.

Normals: term used to refer to ordinary humans.

Ranking System: super-humans are given a rank between one and five as part of government policy. The number indicates the breadth of different powers that they have at their disposal, rather than necessarily how strong those powers are. Most existing super-humans are rank ones. There are only four known living rank fives, reports of a fifth being as yet unconfirmed.

The Source: Scientists are yet to find an explanation for what people call ‘the Source’ of the powers of Super-Humans. It has been attributed to all manner of different things, including alien testing on human subjects, random mutations in the human genetic code or an infection caught off monkeys.

Super-humans: some humans are born with what the government likes to call ‘extended capabilities,’ this can be anything from increased strength to the ability to throw your voice with particular skill. Super-humans are relatively rare, but more and more are born each year.

Sub-humans: this is a derogatory term used to refer to super-humans, stemming from the idea that their powers originate from mutations in the ordinary human genetic code.

Vigilantes: Due to increased crime rates thanks to large numbers of ECAs, some civilians like to take the law into their own hands. While such crime-fighting is not condoned by the government it is largely ignored by the police.