——————– Current Story ——————–

Jacob Locke: Irascible young man Jacob prefers to keep himself to himself. His past, marred by all manner of shadowy dealings, remains a sensitive subject.

Ilse Weber: Jacob’s friend. Ilse cares deeply for Jacob and is trying as hard as she can to steer him away from his sordid past to a more respectable present.

Gabriel Lye: Flamboyant and friendly, Gabriel is certainly a bit of an eccentric. His wealth, however, has earned him a lot of friends, both sincere and otherwise.

Pilgrim: An old friend of Gabriel’s, Pilgrim is a mysterious figure. A traveler who reveals little about his past, Pilgrim knows more than he appears to about all manner of subjects.

Lily Fox: A medium whose mind seems to waver frequently from the real world, Lily Fox claims to be able to contact the dead. Whether her claims are true remains to be seen.

Florence Dukes: Sharp of mind and steely of character, Florence is an unwavering sceptic and remains unimpressed by talk of ghosts and monsters.

——————– Old Story ——————–

Adelaide Bruce: Our protagonist Adelaide is almost entirely unflappable. When she’s recruited by a shady government agent to form a team of teenage heroes she doesn’t even bat an eyelid. Nevertheless it may turn out to be harder than she expects.

Francis Allen: With the ability to phase through solid objects, Francis is smart, fun and a good friend, once you get past the huge chip on his shoulder over the whole ‘his power’s not actually that great’ thing.

Lee Richards: Psychokinetic, telepathic, when it comes to psychic powers Lee has the lot. He’s just never had the focus or the drive to train his abilities to anything other than mediocre. Lee pretty much wrote the book on laid back.

Emma Wilson: Emma is quite possibly the most amazing person you will ever meet. The fact that she can set her body on fire at will would seem to enhance even that innate awesomeness, yet she prefers to keep it a closely guarded secret.

Lydia Blake: Lydia likes to keep her lizard-like appearance under wraps and has difficulty communicating with… most people, to be honest. Her cold-blooded nature means she has to keep really warm or become lethargic and sleepy, especially in the winter.

Alexis Ford: … What can I say about Alexis? He likes classical music, I suppose. He’s a little… weird, to be entirely honest with you. Keeping in mind this is a story that includes a lizard person and teenagers trying to fight crime, of course, so it’s a pretty high bar he’s reaching.

Anna Lacroix: Puzzles need to be solved, and Anna is highly compulsive. Any problem that’s presented to her will be worked on and worked on obsessively until a solution is produced, including Emma Wilson, the most interesting puzzle of them all.

Julian Hex: They’ll tell you beauty is only skin deep. Julian would like to have a chat with whoever the hell this ‘them’ is. He tries never to let the somewhat startling nature of his appearance get in the way, though, and embraces life in all its delicious flavours.

Amadeus Romero: Who even is Amadeus? He turns up out of nowhere, claiming he’s a rank five super-human and… well it seems like the truth. Perhaps though, there’s more to him than immediately meets the eye.

Agent Price: Sinister, shady, cool. Or at least that’s what he’d like you to think. Agent Price works very hard to maintain his ‘awesome spy’ image. Alas, not everyone, especially not Adelaide, buys it.

The Director of Extra-normal Relations: The Director has a lot of fingers in a lot of pies, and they’re mostly other people’s. She prides herself for her transparency: you can either see right through her motives or you can’t see them at all.

Henry Bruce: Head of the Department of Occult Investigations way back at the end of the 19th century, Henry Bruce was pretty good at his job. Then something turned up in the city, something old and something nasty. Things sort of got worse from there.

The Knight: ?