Well… that’s it.


I didn’t imagine when I started writing this story in September that I’d be done so quickly. Here I am, though, all finished. It’s been a crazy ride and I’d like to say thanks to anyone who took a little time to drop by and read a chapter or two, I hope you enjoyed it.

This won’t be my last story, and I’ll probably use this blog to start up a completely different tale pretty soon. For now, however, I’ll be taking a break. Other work is overpowering me a little.

Committed readers might have noticed a few plot inconsistencies and out-of-place details in the story. This isn’t the final iteration and I’ll be doing a little editing and improving over the summer. Once that’s finished I hope to get this published… if anyone will accept it.

To conclude, I’d just like to say another big thanks to anyone and everyone who’s read this story. I hope it interested and inspired you.

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