Part 63 – Dark Apotheosis.

“Forgive me for what I am about to do,” the Knight murmured. She shifted the aim of her pistol and fired.

Amadeus watched with an expression of amusement as the bullet raced towards him. Lazily he reached up and plucked it out of mid-air just as it reached his face. He held it up for inspection, the tip glowing red hot.

“I see it now,” he murmured, “so clearly.”

Then he threw the bullet behind him with a flick of the wrist and turned his gaze on the Knight. A blast of lightning arced from his eyes and struck her in the chest, blowing her off her feet. She fell backwards, her jacket smoking.

“Don’t you see it?” Amadeus strode forward, “don’t you see perfection, right here. I’m not selfish… it can be yours too.”

Price let go of Vesper’s arms and ran towards Amadeus, who didn’t even flinch. His arm snapped out, met Price’s stomach and without effort flipped him so that he tumbled head first into the ground. Julian ducked under a bolt of lightning but then Amadeus stepped into him and brought a fist into his belly. He was hurled into the air and fell down the escalator, tumbling head first down and down. Lee shouted in horror and ran to reach Julian, but Amadeus sent a beam of blue energy into his shoulder and he sunk to his knees and let out a moan of pain.

Vesper and Coal stared at Amadeus, shocked.

“Get out of my way,” he said. They didn’t need asking twice. Neither did Sam or Rick, who sped after them as they ran to the sidelines.

Francis and Adelaide came at Amadeus together. He sighed, evidently unimpressed.

“Francis,” he shook his head, “Can I just ask why? I thought you were like me, I thought you wanted equality, fairness, perfection.”

“This isn’t fairness man,” Francis’ face was set. He stepped through Amadeus’ first punch and out the other side. He turned and grabbed Amadeus around the neck, “this is… this is stupid.”

Amadeus reached back and plucked Francis off by the throat, tearing him away.

“Explain,” he threw Francis away like a rag-doll.

“You think power is perfect right?” Adelaide swung a punch into the side of his head. It was like hitting a brick wall.

“True power allows its wielder to see without petty mortal restrictions,” Amadeus said, as though explaining to a child. He grasped Adelaide by the neck and she gasped as he lifted her off her feet. “True power makes things right. It’s powerlessness that dooms humans to evil, to petty squabbling. Once we have all the solutions, there need be no more disputes.”

“You’re wrong.” Emma said from behind Amadeus. She grasped his cheeks and he howled in pain, dropping Adelaide, “power corrupts. Do you know why Super-humans are hated? It’s because they’re feared. Why are they feared? Because they abuse their power.”

“You’ve got it the wrong way around,” Amadeus said, reaching up and pulling her hands away, “no-one commits a crime unless they’re desperate. No-one commits a crime unless they’re bullied or shunned. None of you are criminals.”

“We’re not criminals because we don’t have real powers,” Lydia said. She stood staring at Amadeus as he grabbed Emma by the hands and prepared to throw her, “how am I supposed to abuse this,” she pointed to herself, “there’s nothing to abuse.”

A bolt of lightning swept Lydia’s feet from under her and she fell. Emma came down heavily on top of her.

“I don’t have time for this,” Amadeus turned around.

“You don’t see it,” Lee stood up and hobbled towards him, stepping to intercept him, his voice coming in painful gasps, “do you? It’s people like you, people who let their powers define them, they’re the evil ones.”

Stopping in front of him, Amadeus stared at Lee. His blue, sparking eyes registered confusion.

“What do you mean, define me?”

“I’m not some performing magician, some stage mind-reader,” Lee spread his arms wide, “I’m just an ordinary person, like any human. I want to write books when I grow up, I want to live a normal life. But you… you’ve always thought of yourself as better, haven’t you? Just because you can punch through freaking walls. You think you can do whatever you like because you’re oh so different to everyone else?”

Francis stepped up next to him and put an arm on Lee’s shoulder.

“He’s right,” he glared at Amadeus, “no wonder people hate us, man, when there’s super-humans like you. No wonder they don’t treat us like them.”

“Being super-human doesn’t make you different,” Adelaide joined them, “or it shouldn’t, anyway.”

Amadeus looked at the three of them, standing and staring at him defiantly. His expression was unreadable, his glowing eyes blank. Eventually he nodded.

“Interesting,” he said, “I see what you mean. I think I understand.”

Then his eyes sparked and lightning blew them off their feet.

“I’m joking,” he grinned, “thanks for standing in line.”

He stepped over their prone bodies and strolled over to Anna and Alexis, who were frozen to the spot next to the Source cage. He picked it up off the floor.

“Want to come with me?” He said. They both shook their heads. He grinned, then reached out and grabbed Alexis by the throat before slinging him over his shoulder. Alexis squealed and kicked uselessly.

“I won’t ask you a second time,” he looked at Anna, “don’t make me hurt him, I honestly don’t want to. It’s not good to hurt your guinea pigs, it often leads to bad results.”

Reluctantly, silently, Anna followed him as he headed off down the escalator. Before his head vanished from sight though, a voice called to him.

“Amadeus,” Rachel said. She had been standing, watching the fight, as unmoving as a statue, “do not do this. They are right. We are all just humans, making our way in the world. I am no different, you are no different. What are you trying to do?”

“Face it Rachel,” He didn’t even look back, “you’ll never be human. As for me, I’m more than that now. I’m going to make everyone more than that.”

He looked at Anna.

“Starting with you,” he whispered.

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