Part 4 – Too Cool for… Heroing.

Adelaide was late. Common, certainly, but not so common when something as exciting as this was happening. She turned a corner in the street quickly and dashed into the park, her heart beating very fast. Gazing around she caught sight of Francis and Lee. Then she stopped short. Her jaw came as close to dropping as it ever would. Francis and Lee were talking to a girl. Not just any girl though. They were talking to Emma Wilson!

For a few seconds Adelaide just stood there, unsure of what to do. Part of Adelaide urged her to go over and introduce herself right away. The other part, the sensible part, told her that if she were to take that course of action she would probably sink into a fit of excited giggles. She took the sensible part’s advice and stood still, composing herself before she headed over.

Emma Wilson was the most awesome person in the entire year. She was one of only very few people who could actually wear dark glasses. Yeah, sure, they look good in adverts but can anyone actually wear them? Emma could. Emma could wear anything and look good in it. Everyone, absolutely everyone, who met Emma developed a secret crush on her. The question arose then, what on earth was she doing talking to Francis and Lee? Nobody talked to either of them. It wasn’t just that they were super-human, or at least that’s what Adelaide liked to think. It was that they were massive nerds. Nobody talked to Francis. Even fewer people talked to Lee, to such an extent that Adelaide hadn’t even known who he was until Francis had introduced them.

“Hi,” having mastered her desire to melt, Adelaide walked up to them, “what are we talking about?”

“Oh hi Adelaide,” Lee smiled at her, “we were just chatting with Emma here. I’m trying to convince her to join your team. Seems to me like we could do with another member.”

Adelaide put her head to one side. Her fixed smile became even more fixed.

“I’m sorry. What?”

Emma sighed and rolled her eyes. Adelaide gazed at her, her mind still reeling from Lee’s revelation.

“Em-,” she said, “Em- Emma Wilson is…”

“Super-human, yep,” Emma folded her arms, “look don’t say it too loud okay? I don’t want anyone to know.”

“Too cool huh?” Francis was scowling.

“Yeah actually,” Emma returned his venomous gaze, “course, you wouldn’t know anything about that now would you?”

“Hey,” Lee stepped between them with a grin, “let’s be cool guys. We’re all friends here right?”

“Riiiiight,” Adelaide mastered her awe, “how did you guys even learn Emma had… expanded capabilities anyway?”

“Lee read her mind a while ago,” said Francis with a frown, “seems he didn’t feel like he needed to tell his best friend about it until now.”

“Well I like to let sleeping dogs lie,” Lee said, “I don’t want to be too invasive. But when you came to me with this whole team thing I thought we might be able to recruit another member.”

“Well you can forget that,” Emma turned away, “because I’m not doing it. Do you know how many friends I’d lose if they discovered I was super-human?”

“Right, and we want to get rid of that prejudice,” Adelaide said quickly, moving forward to intercept her.

“Besides if you don’t join us your secret will be out anyway,” Francis said, “because I’ll be telling everyone.”

Emma turned. Suddenly one of her hands was on fire. She pointed a flaming finger at Francis, who glared at her.

“Don’t you dare threaten me,” she said, her voice low, “or I will burn your face off.”

“That is incredibly amazing,” Adelaide whispered, her eyes as wide as they could go, “can you throw the fire?”

Emma looked over at her impassively.

“Not unless you want me to chop my hand off and throw that,” she said, as though she were explaining something to a child.

“Right,” Adelaide stepped back. All of a sudden she didn’t like Emma’s tone.

“Ha,” Francis chuckled, “you can burn my face off sure, try me.”

Emma lunged but Francis merely stepped forward and she fell right through him, tumbling in a tangled heap onto the grass. Adelaide, Lee and Francis stared as she struggled to her feet.

“So here’s the deal,” said Adelaide with a sudden confidence that surprised her, “join our group and you can keep your identity secret with… I don’t know a mask or something. But, if you spurn us then everyone will know and we’ll be the only people in school willing to talk to you.”

Grimacing, Emma nodded.

“Fine,” she said, “who else makes up this little bunch of weirdos you’ve got going here?”

“Just us,” Adelaide motioned to the other two, “I reckon all we need is a fifth member and then we should be sorted.”

“And then we’ll do what exactly?” Emma folded her arms, “Fight crime? How the hell do you suggest we do that?”

“I’ll work something out.”

“Actually I’ve been thinking,” Francis put his hand to his chin, “you’re right, five is a good number for a team. I reckon I know the perfect last member as it happens.”

“Oh no. Stop right there,” Lee held up his hands, “you’re not thinking Lydia are you? She’s nice, she’s really nice, but honestly fighting crime is the last thing I can imagine her doing.”

“Who’s Lydia?” Asked Adelaide, “I’ve never met her.”

“I’m honestly not surprised,” Lee said, looking over at her, “you think Francis and I are introverts? At least we actually show our faces around school. Lydia likes to keep to the shadows. You’ll see why when you meet her. Don’t hold any high hopes of recruiting her though, she keeps herself to herself most of the time. We tried to befriend her when we started school but she pretty much ignored us.”

“And she’s super-human?”

“About as super-human as they come,” Francis nodded.

“Well then what are we waiting for?” Adelaide said, “Let’s find her!”

“What, now?”

“When else?”

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